Saturday, January 16, 2010

Clarisonic Mia and Aromaleigh Nocturne

Just a week ago I added both of these to my skincare routine. 

Right now here's my routine:

AM:  I don't usually wash in the AM due to oily skin and I find that my face does better with a water rinse rather than actual cleansing in the morning.  I use Ulta's sensitive skin moisturizer and Boots Sensitive eyes eye cream.  When I do cleanse it is with a natural soap bar in the mornings.

Honestly though, the other day I forgot moisturizer and my foundation looked better and my skin wasn't as oily through the day so I may experiment with forgoing it occasionally.

PM:  Remove my eye makeup with Maybelline's eye makeup remover (though I'm searching for a better one) and cleanse with my clarisonic and the daily hydro cleanser it came with.  The cleanser is just ok, I'll be looking into alternatives.  The clarisonic though gave me results from day one!  My skin is softer, smoother, the color is more even and so is the texture.  My pores are looking smaller, I'm not as oily in the day, and my blackheads are going away too. 

That said, I also added Aromaleigh's nighttime mineral powder Nocturne at the same time.  After I cleanse with the Mia and rinse I pat my face dry and apply the nocturne with a flocked sponge, and put on my eye cream.  I forgot my nocturne one night and my face was much oilier and the pores larger again, so I'm sure it's both the Mia and the Nocturne working together.  The nocturne is supposed to make your skin behave better and I can definately say it's done that for mine!  It works like a little whip to whip my skin into shape!  I plan on never being without it from this point. 

I still have a long way to go, but the results I've seen in the last week with these two additions make me hopeful that they will continue to give better results as the weeks pass.


  1. I SO want to get a Clarisonic but am still paying off the Holidays!

  2. LOL If it weren't for holiday money I wouldn't have gotten it....but I'm so glad I did!!! :D