Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mail call!! :D My UPS man is my BUDDY! and an AL sale....

I got my newest order from Aromaleigh yesterday.  I'm on an AL kick atm.  :D  AL and Fyrinnae with the occasional Meow and Morgana thrown in for good measure is all I've been ordering recently.  It'll probably remain that way for awhile.

Anyway, off to the haulage....

My Christmas in February package all wrapped up....

And unwrapped but not out of the bag.

Indelible cream shadows:  L to R:  Bare Necessity, Manhunt, Moonwalk, and Immortal.  Which I ordered mostly because I am a Highlander fan and it's named Immortal.  Meh.  But I do love the color too.

Swatches, in the same order, top Left to bottom right.  The Bare Necessity is very hard to see, but that just tells me it'll make a great base for my shadows. 

My two new blushes:  Left is Verita and Right is the ROCKS! Blush in Breathless.  It's fairly unusual for me to order blush....I tend to keep only one or two on hand to use daily and save my money for eyeshadows and lippies, so this is probably the last blush order I'll get for a little while.  I think I have 4 blushes right now I use daily, and that's a lot for me. 

Blush swatches, same order.   I have a sample of Verita already; I use it for warmer or more neutral looks. 

Lippies:  L to right are Gossamer, Perfect, and Fling, which are botanical lipsticks,  and lip balm in Italian blood orange. 

Swatches of the lippies:  Top Left is Gossamer, Top Right is Perfect, Bottom is Fling.

Eyeshadows:  all are the Opulent Lustres collection.  I now own the entire Opulent Lustre shadow set.
L to R:  Ginger, Lychee, Cypress, Bamboo

Swatches of the same:  Top Left, Ginger, Top Right, Lychee.  Bottom Left:  Cypress, Bottom Right:  Bamboo.  Applied over Benefit FYEye.

The rest of the Lustres:  L to R:  Ginkgo, Tea, Jasmine.

Swatches of the same.  Also over Benefit FYEye.  Top Left, Ginkgo, Top Right, Tea, Bottom, Jasmine.

All Rocks! eyeshadows are on sale right now 35% off due to the fact that they are being reformulated.  Take advantage of that one ladies!  :D


  1. you got some gorgeous thungs!! yay! I just love bamboo for a shimmery neutral look. I never sampled verita, think I might have to after seeing this swatch. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Nina....Thank you! I can't wait to try's a little bit warmer than most of the neutrals I tend to buy. I'm branching out LOL. You should definately try Verita, I love it! :D