Friday, February 12, 2010

Mail call!!

My buddy the UPS man brought my newest mail from Aromaleigh!  :D  So of course I ran right into my room and swatched to my little heart's content.  :D  So off to the haul pics!  :D

My Christmas in February gift....

All unwrapped but not out of the bag yet.

First off, Indelible cream liners.  L to R:  Carbon, Curacau, and Nude Frost, followed by my new pointed sculptor brush.  And yes, I'm a crease brush fanatic.  :D

The same, with labels.  

FREEBIES.....Ozone, Ladystardust, and Spaceoddity rocks, and fictionromance rocks lippie.

Swatches of the same, over Benefit FYEye.  Top Left is Ozone, Top Right Ladystardust, bottom Spaceoddity.

All my lippies....
Top Row L to R:  Gothic Lolita Pinafore, Gothic Lolita Melancholia, Gothic Lolita Lollypop, Gothic Lolita Creampuff.
Bottom Row L to R:  Rocks!  lippies in Noreservations, and Fallingfromgrace

Lippie Swatches.  First up the Gothic Lolitas.  Top Left Pinafore, Top Right Melancholia, Bottom Left Lollypop, Bottom Right Creampuff.

Rocks!  Lippies.  Left is Noreservations, Right is Fallingfromgrace.

Opulent Lustres.  L to R:  Imperial, Camellia, Azalea, and Tapestry.

Swatches of the same:  Top Left Imperial, Top Right Camellia, Bottom Left Azalea, Bottom Right Tapestry.  All are over Benefit FYEye.

More Opulent Lustres.  L to R:  Tamarind, Cloud, Mandarin and Fig.

Swatches, all over Benefit FYEye.  Top Left Tamarind, Top Right Cloud, Bottom Left Mandarin, Bottom Right Fig. 

I have all but a few of the Opulent Lustres now, all but 2 of the Gothic Lolita lippies and all but 3 of the Rocks! Lippies.  I'm amassing quite a collection! 


  1. Thank you Phyrra! I'm addicted to AL....

  2. That's a great haul! I don't have many of the Lusters but think they are gorgeous.