Sunday, March 14, 2010

My birthday is tomorrow and I got a new haul from AL for a gift! :D

I asked for makeup (there's a surprise) for my birthday this year, or money for makeup depending on who asked LOL....and so here's my AL haul from the hubby and kids.  I picked it out of course, but they paid.  :D

I didn't swatch any of these b/c I've already swatched them in previous posts.  L to R:  Coquille Bleu, Bete Noir eye colors in Colette, Mirielle, Bette, and Chantal.

L to R:  Bete Noir colors in Lisette, Jolie, Rocks Flowersofromance and Iwantcandy

Top Left Lisette, Top Right Jolie, Bottom Left Flowersofromance, Bottom Right Iwantcandy.

L to R:  Pure Eyes Mattes in Umber and Ebony, which I didn't swatch, and Elemental Lustres in Abyss, Psyche, and Wonder.  I didn't swatch the Umber and Ebony because I don't usually go with Mattes and I got them mostly to use as brow powders.

Top Left Abyss, Top Right Psyche, and bottom is Wonder.

I didn't take pics of my free swatches either; I think I'm going to start taking pics of them when I get full sizes of what I try.  I'll list what I got each time though; this time it was xoxo, pique, and calliope.  I have some money I have to deposit to place another birthday order soon!  :D


  1. I love all those colors...Great choices and HBirthday!!!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, may you have a good one that's lot of fun!