Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A look, a haul, and a cat with a foot fetish.....

So today I decided to use my new contrast eyeshadow from MAC for my look.  :D  LOVED it.....

UDPP in Eden all over eye area
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on lid and under lower lashline
MAC Blackground paint pot on lid
MAC Bare Study Paint pot on browbone
MAC Contrast over blackground
Aromaleigh Terpsichore on browbone
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero top and heavy at lower lashline
MAC Steamy in crease and over lower liner
Clinique High Impact Mascara in black

Aromaleigh pink concealer under eye area
Aromaleigh silk primer
Meow pampered puss in frisky sphynx
Aromaleigh URFP in clear
Aromaleigh verita blush

As for the lips, the above pic is MAC Boldly bare liner, MAC Honeylove, and MAC Spirited lipglass.  I think though that I really preferred the honeylove and liner by itself....here's a pic of my lips....

Honeylove is very simliar to blankety, which is why I love it I think. 

I've recently made some observations about my skin and foundations and primers.  Mineral foundation in the summer can cause me to itch and burn, no matter which brand I use, so a lot of the time in summer I switch back to liquid.  It's a necessary evil to keep from burning.  I've already started to have a bit of itching from the mineral foundations as well as I've noticed that I'm not getting as good coverage as before and it tends to look streaky.  So I went back to MAC today and got NC20 foundation to try.  We'll see how it does.  I got a few other things too....OH, and my eye makeup didn't move after 11 HOURS.

Here's the haul.....

The foundation isn't there, nor is the pressed powder I got.  L to R:  Painterly paint pot, Vapour eyeshadow (thank you for using it the other day Phyrra and reminding me I needed it!), Lipstick in Myth, Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed, and mineralize eyeshadow duo in Sea and Sky. 

Can you guess what my look will be tomorrow?????

As for the cat with the foot fetish, that's Mr. Jack.  Jack-o-lantern I call him sometimes.  He promptly goes after my toes.  He has this foot thing....he likes to lick and bite them, and his favorite time of day to do that is in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

Hey he's actually being good in that pic......


  1. Lovely look! Contrast is such a pretty shadow right? I don't own it but I swatch it every time I'm at a MAC store...I really should get it! Honeylove is another one to check out. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great look, nice haul, cute cat. I have a cat that loves to shred toilet paper, and another with a Sicilian code of honor who is a huge Judge Judy fan. When I get home from work the house looks like I've busted a huge party, LOL.

  3. Hi Marce, thanks! Contrast IS lovely, you should definately get it and honeylove too! YW! :D

    Hi Jayne, thanks! LOL on the judge judy fan....Jack is neurotic in his own little way, mostly about feet LOL....

  4. I love this look! Still drooling over Contrast and Honeylove, and looks like I need to get Sugarrimmed, too. I'm actually a little scared of going to a MAC counter - very probably too addictive!

    We have a cat with a foot fetish, too, except her thing is writhing around indecently in just-removed shoes. But it beats being woken up in the middle of the night by having your toes nipped. :) Mr. Jack's a cutiepie, though!

  5. Great colors on you....I like how you used blackground on your lid as the base. Really changes up the colors....

  6. Hi Kathy, thank you! Yep Sugarrimmed is a good one! Ikwym about the MAC counter, I'm definitely addicted!

    LOL on the shoe writhing....I've seen cats do that too. At least Jack doesn't always wake me, just occasionally. Thanks!

    Hi Krista, thank you! I love blackground for that very reason!