Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday Mail Call!

I GOT MY MEOW!!!! And tomorrow I get the first of my Aromaleigh hauls too!  :D

OMG I have to say all the colors are INCREDIBLE!  All the sparkly loveliness!  Ok enough babbling LOL...on to the goodies!

Samples of Pamperred Puss Foundation in Sleek Abyssinian and Frisky Abyssinian.

As you may remember me mentioning, I got these because my best matches in AL and MAC are yellow based, and I wanted to see if these would work better than my sphynx.  OH BOY DO THEY!  I brushed on the Sleek by itself on my left side, the Frisky by itself on my forehead and a mix of the 2 on my right.  It looks like my best match will be either the Frisky alone or a mix, but any combination will be good.  So I'll probably pick up both and be set for life in foundation LOL.

Caribbean samples L to R:  Seafoam, Surf, Pirates liner and Seasick liner.

Swatches:  Top L:  Seafoam, Top R:  Surf, Bottom L:  Pirates, Bottom R:  Seasick.  These are LOVELY, I can't wait to try them! 

These were my two free samples, both are lost rainforest samples.  L is heliconia, which is one I wouldn't have chosen for myself but is incredibly lovely!  R is Mayantu which is one I was considering ordering myself. 

Same order.

I didn't swatch them, but these are the blush samples I ordered from the VIP collection:  L is Prima Donna, R is Wench, which I already had and forgot about but LOVE it, I will be getting a F/S of it.

Full Sized Guilty Pleasures:  L to R:  Retail Therapy (which my makeup purchases are for me LOL), Midnight Feast, One Night Stand and Reality TV.  These are incredibly complex colors!

Top L:  Retail Therapy, Top R:  Midnight Feast, Bottom L:  One Night Stand, Bottom R:  Reality TV.

Last but not least, 2 Simples and a Guilty Pleasure.  L to R:  Rainy Day, Cuddles and Sick Days.

Top L:  Rainy Day, Top R:  Cuddles, Bottom Sick Days

And because he looked so cute....HEEERE'S JACK

He was sleeping on the computer chair!


  1. Love, love, love Meow. Can't wait to see what you come up with with the wonderful colors you have there. :)

  2. Hi Betty Ray! I know, her colors, especially her LE's are Beautiful! :D My first look will be done this morning and posted later on today!

  3. Hi Phyrra...HOORAY! I love getting mail! Got some more today! :D