Thursday, August 5, 2010

I think there was a mixup with my foundation order....

I got both my Meow and my Aromaleigh orders today and I think there was a mixup with the labeling on my foundation.  I took some pics to compare.

In both the above pics, I swatched my sample of my Sleek Abyssinian on the top left.  The top right is my full sized of what was supposed to be Frisky Abyssinian.  The bottom is my sample of Frisky Abyssinian, which matches my skintone.  All are the Pamperred Puss formula.  As you can tell, the full size is dead on the sample of the Sleek Abyssinian instead of the Frisky.  Sleek was too light for me. 

I also took a few pics of the Sleek sample and the Frisky Full size to compare.  First, them beside each other. 

Next I laid the sample on the jar of Frisky to compare.  So far they look the same to me.

Then I took a pic of the sample laid on the bottom of the full sized so you can see the names are different.

Let me first say that I've had minor things happen with orders in the past from Meow, and had them resolved with no issues.  I can honestly say that I am sure the same will happen in this case.  Meow is a favorite company, and their customer service is outstanding.   I have contacted them through email, which is standard procedure, and it will probably take a day or two before I hear anything.  I also sent the swatch pics to them as well.  I really believe it was something as simple as a mix up in labeling.  I just wanted a comparison here.  It's always my pleasure to report here on my blog when I have an excellent CS experience with a company.  I've had such experiences with Aromaleigh, Meow, Morgana and Fyrinnae.  People are human, and things happen.  It will be my pleasure to come back here to update you when I have heard back from them. 

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