Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursdays Mail...Meow and Aromaleigh

Unless I can get one more little order in, this is my VERY LAST Aromaleigh order.  It's my Bette Noir glitters.  I didn't swatch them but took a pic of them lined up in their jars. 

L to R:  Eve, Ishtar, Delilah, Mata Hari and Aphrodite
These are some really complex glitters.  I LOVE them for that very reason!  I also love that the size of the glitter particles themselves is very small. 

My Meow order also came!  I got full sizes of some products that I've already swatched for you:  VIP blush in Prima Donna, Caribbean Liners in Pirates and Seasick, Caribbean shadow in Seafoam and Surf, as well as a full size Pampered Puss foundation in "Frisky" Abyssinian (that I think was mislabeled).  Here's what I got that I haven't yet swatched for you.

L to R:  The samples I got.  The first one I ordered:  Flawless Feline foundation in Frisky Abyssinian.  The other two were my freebies:  Mantis and Siren from the Lost Rainforest Collection.  I'm going to have to get full sizes of both!

Top Left is the Flawless Feline Frisky Abyssinian.  Top Right is Mantis, and bottom is Siren.

Last but not least, full sizes of Caribbean Liner in Typhoon, Caribbean shadow in Shipwrecked, and Lost Rainforest shadow in Piranha.

I think this pic is the closest to RL that I've ever gotten from my cheapo little camera!  LOL!  Top Left is Typhoon, Top right is Shipwrecked and bottom is Piranha. 

I'm so glad I've finally gotten ahold of some of the Lost Rainforest and Caribbean Escape shadows!  I've longed for them since discovering Meow in December.  I'm planning another order soon to hopefully get my hands on some more.  And I'm REALLY hoping for an order of the Friday the 13th shadows in a week! 


  1. Yay for Meow mail! I didn't get to place an order for the birthday sale, but I'm with you....hoping to get a Friday the 13th order in!

  2. Awww sorry you missed it Peach! Here's hoping we both get some Friday the 13th stuff!

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to use more of them in looks!