Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm totally playing catchup this weekend. First look!

Since I'm feeling better I'm going to be catching up on my posts.  I have a number of look posts, as well as a few onground hauls and some reviews.  Off to the first look!


Indelible cream shadow in nude frost
Meow Eshopping on lid
Indelible gel liner in Venomous to line
Meow Midnight Feast in crease
Benefit Bad Gal mascara in Plum


Meow Equilibrium powder
Meow Pampered puss foundation in Frisky Abyssinian
Meow VIP blush in Prima Donna


Jordana liner in Rockin' Rose
Jewel Alchemy lip balm in Viola

I'm in a total purple kick.  LOL....


  1. Awww .....a nude lip! I like how you can rock any lip color! Great look!

  2. Hi Peach, thanks! I am a nude lip lover that's for sure! :D

  3. I anbsolutely love your hair cut, and the lippie

  4. Thank you Nina, on both counts!!!

  5. I love how Venomous looks with this! Maybe the eyeshadow shifted the color a bit? It's a richer, deeper color than I've ever gotten out of it. I have Eshopping, so I'll definitely have to pair them sometime. :)

  6. Hi Kathy, thank you! Yeah, I think you're probably right and the shadow shifted it, or it could be my camera too. That's the richest I've been able to get it to look too!