Sunday, May 22, 2011

Foundation Comparison

I thought I'd do a foundation comparison for you. 

This came about because I'd been using my MAC Studio Select Plus Foundation for awhile, and loved the coverage and tone it gave me as well as the ease of using a pressed powder.  When I found out that I had to be gluten free, I discovered that this is not so I decided to try a few new things as well as break out some old favorites.  I'm still on the search for my hg, oil controlling all day, ease of use powder foundation.  I've come very close though.

Let's get started with Non-minerals.

L to R:  Nars Pressed foundation in Barcelona, Nars Sheer Matte foundation in Fiji, and Shiseido Mattifying Pressed foundation in 20. 

L to R:  Nars Barcelona and Shiseido 20.  The barcelona pressed powder foundation is a lot darker than the Fiji sheer matte, which is my perfect shade in the liquid.  I find that the barcelona works better in the pressed though.  I tried it over the fiji and ended up looking too dark that way, so I'm sure it would work better with Fiji pressed foundation over it.  I may get one, but at $45 each it's expensive and I have other things I like better.  Next, minerals.

Larenim pressed foundation in 2WM.  This bothered my skin.  I think it's some of the extracts used in it to press the minerals.  Also, the color is too pale.

L to R:  AL 2NW and 2YL.  I can use both, but 2YL is a better match.  As a matter of fact, I base all my foundation shades off of it now, trying to match it.

L to R:  Bare Minerals Matte foundation in Golden Fair and Golden Medium.  I have to mix these two, but they're a good match mixed. 

L to R:  Meow pamperred puss foundation in Frisky Sphynx and the same in Sleek Abyssinian.  I can wear sphynx, but the abyssinian line is a better match.  The sleek was sent to me accidentally.  I'm going to use it this winter to tweak my matches. 

L to R:  Meow Pamperred Puss in Naughty Abyssinian, the same in Frisky Abyssinian.  The mix of these two are the best match I have right now.

OK.  So here's the lowdown.  I don't use my Nars foundations, Shiseido, or Larenim right now.  I've been going back and forth between my Meow Naughty/Frisky Abyssinian mix and my Bare Minerals Golden mix.  As far as coverage, they're both good, and they both control oil about the same, though the BE is a bit better there.  The Meow is a bit better in blurring my pores.  They're about even right now with me as far as which are my favorites. 

In order, it would be:

1.  BE Matte mix, Meow Pamperred Abyssinian mix
2.  AL
3.  Nars Powder
4.  Nars Sheer Matte
5.  Shiseido, Larenim

None of them are perfect as far as coverage, oil control, blurring of pores, and all that.  I'm still on the lookout for my HG, but there are some good choices there.  I still prefer the feel of powder, but sometimes having a liquid to use for coverage is good too. 

Have you tried any new foundations recently?


  1. Thanks so much for this foundation comparison!! Great!

  2. Hi Catanya, thanks! You're quite welcome, I'm glad it helped!