Friday, May 27, 2011

Idolizing Aubergine.....SN look....

This was a very quick look I did for today as I was running late. 


Monistat Chafing Powder Gel as primer
Silk Naturals cream eyeliner in clear over entire eye area
Silk Naturals Idolize on lid
Maybelline Define-A-Line in Ebony black to line
Silk Naturals Aubergine in crease and dry over lower liner
Maybelline Great Lash Big Washable Mascara in Blackest Black


Monistat powder gel as primer
Silk Naturals Original Perfecting Powder
Silk Naturals Medium coverage foundation in my mix
Silk Naturals Original Perfecting Powder
Silk Naturals blush in Maybe Baby


Silk Naturals Kisser Slickers Gloss stick in Skinny Dip
Silk Naturals Liquid Gloss in Modern Poet

Later on in the day I decided to try the Modern Poet on it's own to see how it looked.  It actually looked even better, but I didn't have my camera with me and my camera phone was being finicky.  Also, I think I may have put just a hairs breath too much extra white in the foundation.  I'm going to have to play a little with adding maybe one extra scoop to the whole shebang of the Buttery Gold pigment.  Right now my mix is 1:6.....1 scoop of the Buttery Gold to 6 Scoops of the white foundation base.  I do like the finish, as well as the tone, but there's a fine line between matching my darker neck to my lighter face.

I've started to use the skincare samples I got.  That will need some time for me to really review though as I want to make sure that A. it does the job I need it to and B. it doesn't bother my sensitive skin.  I am planning a full review of the whole line and what I got in a few weeks once I see how it goes.


  1. Very pretty! Love these shadow colors! You are looking so good these days! Glad you are back to posting on a regular basis!

  2. Hey Peach, thanks so much! I'm glad to be back....and I'm getting there slowly but surely! I walked a 5K today! :D

  3. I really like this look on you =)