Thursday, May 26, 2011

Silk Naturals Foundation Kit

So in my recent haul from silk naturals, I ordered a Medium coverage Ivory foundation starter kit with the Buttery Gold undertone.  Let me tell you a little about Silk naturals Foundations as they're different from anything I've experienced in my 10 plus years using minerals.

Silk Naturals foundation is patent pending.  You can buy sample kits or starter kits like this, and refills once you figure out what works for you.  The difference in other mineral companies and this is that you get to make your own recipe for foundation.  The kit comes with all this (plus a finishing powder sample that's not in the pic) but this is the full sized starter foundation kit.  The sample kit is different.  I went on and ordered this one, because I already knew that true yellow undertones work best for me, and that's what the Buttery Gold color is. 

L to R are:  The empty foundation jar, removable sifter, scoop for your measurements for your recipe, the bag it all came in, the Medium coverage Ivory base (this is the white basis for the foundation recipe) and the buttery gold undertone base. 

What you do is you mix so many level scoops of the white base with so many level scoops of your undertone to get a truly customized foundation.  So in the summer I can add more gold, and in the winter I can add more white.  This is going to work really well for me, as I have to mix two foundations in both Bare Minerals and Meow cosmetics.  So now I don't have to pay double, I just mix up the tone and depth I need! 

These are my mineral foundations.  Left is Aromaleigh 2YL, followed by the two Bare Minerals (Golden Fair and Golden Medium) I have to mix together as the medium is too dark and the fair is too light, the two Meow foundations I mix (Frisky Abyssinian and Naughty Abyssinian) for the same reason, and the last jar is my first attempt at a Silk Naturals recipe.  I think I got pretty close....I thought it was perfect, until I looked in truly natural light today.  It's still just a touch dark, so I'm going to add one more scoop of the white.  My recipe right now will be 6 scoops white to 1 scoop buttery gold. 

Swatches of the foundations I use.  L to R:  AL 2YL (too light right now), my Bare Minerals mix, my Meow mix, and my first attempt at Silk Naturals custom foundation.  The Meow and Silk Naturals are the best matches.

Please forgive the funky, end of day pic from yesterday.  All I did was apply my Silk Naturals recipe with my flat top brush. 

I think the tone is going to be perfect, but I'm still going to play with the depth.  I will say that I stayed very matte today, which is a big bonus for oil slick me!  Nothing usually keeps me matte all day, but this afternoon after lunch all I had to do was one oil blotting paper and I didn't have to apply any finishing powder.  It's typical for me to reapply a finishing powder about twice in a day!  I do like the coverage as well.  It's buildable but didn't feel heavy at all.  I do feel that it covers a bit better than my Pamperred Puss from Meow. 

I'm going to continue to use this with various primers to see what combinations work best for me.


  1. Thanks for sharing this with us! I have always wondered about the SN foundations, but wasn't real sure about the mixing. I'd love to hear how this compares to Meow's Pamperred Puss, because that has been my go-to mineral foundation.

  2. Hi Peach, I wasn't sure about mixing either, but it's not too terribly hard! I'll be sure to compare it to just the pamperred puss very soon!!!