Friday, June 3, 2011

The Grinch's Mutiny.....Inspired by Phyrra.....

So recently I've felt the itch to really step outside of the box with my use of color in looks.  I mean really do things that I've never done before, combining colors in different ways than I normally do or doing new techniques.  I think I just get in my normal groove, doing my normal thing, and get stuck in the day to day and forget that there are new and exciting things out there.  I guess it's like life in general can be sometimes LOL.

So I started to peruse some of your blogs.  A LOT.  Just surfing around, looking at looks, playing with my collection, that sort of thing.  So today's look is inspired by Phyrra and all the ways she uses color.  This is but one of the looks on her blog that have inspired me.  Her color combinations are done in ways that I wouldn't usually think of combining them, and I find that fascinating.  With her permission, I've linked to her blog and look so that you can see them.  My thanks, Phyrra!!! :D


Monistat powder gel as primer
Indelible cream shadow in Bare Necessity on browbone
Shiseido hyrdo-powder shadow in Aqua Shimmer on lid
Hi Fi The Grinch patted onto lower 1/2 of lid
Aromaleigh Just Like Heaven on upper 1/2 of lid, blended into The Grinch
NARS Abyssinia on browbone
Maybelline Define a Line in Ebony on upper and lower lashlines and waterline
Morgana Mutiny in crease blended into Just Like Heaven, then patted on outer 1/2 of lower liner
Aromaleigh Just like Heaven patted on inner 1/3 of lower liner and blended
Hi Fi The Grinch on inner V and inner 1/3 of lid and blended
Maybelline Great Lash Big mascara in Blackest Black


Monistat Powder Gel as primer
SN Oil Control Blur
SN Medium coverage Ivory Foundation in my mix
SN Oil Control Blur
SN Matte blush in Maybe Baby


Morgana Lipstick in Coraline's Kiss
SN Liquid Gloss in Icing

Combining Warmer and Cooler tones is something that has pretty much made me shake in my proverbial boots from the time I've done my makeup.  Usually if I'm going with one I'll stick with either or, or one or the other with neutrals, or just neutrals.  Complementary colors?  Not in a million years did I ever think I'd have gotten away with a coraly orange lip and blue shadow.  The one thing I would have changed?  I forgot to use Stick 'Em for more of a foiled look.  Thanks again, Phyrra!

Have you been inspired to something new recently?


  1. Cute! And I love your bangs!

  2. Ooh your hair is so cute! I love the lippie too. I keep seeing posts with Coraline's Kiss and I tell myself to get it. Now I'm kicking myself to get it. Thia you look beautiful!

  3. Isn't Phyrra awesome! I love her creativity and ability to break all the rules when it comes to beauty! She has provided a lot of inspiration for me also!

    Love the look you did! I think the lip color really makes your lips look fuller! Great colors

  4. Looks fab with the fringe and hair do !

  5. @ Phyrra....thank you!! :D On both counts, and for the inspiration too!

    @ Baroque....Thank you so much! I think you'll like Coraline's Kiss!

    @ Peach....yes she is! Thank you!

    @ M.Delights....Thank you! I'm loving the bang.....