Friday, July 29, 2011

My first Spectrum Cosmetics Haul!

I'm VERY excited to be posting this one!

Spectrum Cosmetics is an Indie Mineral Company on Etsy.  The owners name is Erica.  She carries a variety of products including soaps, mineral makeup, and lip products.  She carries samples of a lot of things as well as sets:  As a matter of fact, part of my order was a set of 10 shadows in 3 gram jars, my choice of colors for $25.  She has 3 gram jars and 5 gram jars of her shadows.  The pigments are multi use, and one thing I like is that she clearly states on the label what you can and can't use them for!

It's a little hard to read, but under the name of the color it lists that each product is either safe for eyes, lips, face and nails, or not lips, or not eyes.  Her colors range in price anywhere from $3 to $6 (WONDERFUL prices, more colors for me!) and she also has the package deals and sets.  Shipping is a flat $3 in the US that's it.  Her customer service is OUTSTANDING.....She shipped so quickly and I already have the goodies in my greedy little paws!  Let me just say that I've been buying minerals for a long time, and I know quality when I see it.  While I have a variety of products in my collection, Indie cosmetics still are my first love.  These colors are HIGHLY pigmented.  They are SO SHIMMERY....I can't wait to play with them!

Everything was safely and well packaged, safely wrapped and taped in bubble wrap.  The sifters have stickers over them.  She incoluded a handwritten note (Thanks Erica!) and a free sample of French Vanilla Soap also!  (thanks for that one too!)

Here are the colors I got!

The first grouping are the ones I bought seperately.  All are in 3 gram jars, and they were $3 each.

L to R:  Coral, Flamingo, Sinner, and Spring Fling.  I got these mostly to use as Blush and Lip Colors.  Flamingo is the only one that is not approved for use around the eyes.  The others are approved for use on the eyes, lips, face and nails.

Swatched:  Top Left is Coral, Top Right is Flamingo, Bottom Left is Sinner, Bottom Right is Spring Fling.

The rest were the set I got.  All are 3 gram jars.

Top Left is Siren, Top Right is Peacock, Middle is Manic, Bottom Left is Tiny Bubbles and Bottom Right is Dragonfly.  Siren and Tiny Bubbles are approved for use on the lips as well (I CANNOT WAIT to use Siren as a lippie, it's a gorgeous deep purple) but the others are just eyes, face and nails.


Top Left is Siren, Top Right is Peacock, Middle is Manic, Bottom Left is Tiny Bubbles, and Bottom Right is Dragonfly.  The color in this pic is very close to IRL but this doesn't do the shimmer in them (except tiny bubbles which is matte) justice.

The next grouping are the irridescents.  These are INCREDIBLE....I still have them swatched on my hand because I can't stop looking at them!  I'm a sucker for anything that's duochrome or color changing in any way that's for sure!

Top Left is Ice, Top Right is Fairy Dust, Middle is Shooting Star, Bottom Left is Nebula, and Bottom Right is Hydra.  Notice they're all white in the jar with differing tones to them but they're very subtle this way.

Swatched over black cream shadow (indelible cream shadow in carbon):

L to R:  Ice, Fairy Dust, Shooting Star, Nebula and Hydra.  This picture was the best of the bunch and STILL doesn't do these beauties justice.  However if you go here you'll be able to see them in all their glory.  I'm sure you'll see a lot of them in the coming week!  There's 5 of a day perhaps???  They are all approved for use on the eyes, lips, face and nails!  I can't wait to use them over lipsticks too.

Sigh...that's the end of my first haul.  I'm planning on getting more....she has SO MANY lovely things!  Head on over and check out Spectrum Cosmetics on Etsy....and tell Erica that Thia sent ya!  :D 


  1. I just posted a comment on you other post hoping you were going to get a haul post up! But you already did! LOVE the four pink colors! I'm going to check out Spectrum's shop in a bit! Thanks for the swatches and review!

  2. LOL I saw that Peach! I beat you to the punch! I love those too....I may get to do a look today (not sure yet) and if I do I'll use one on my lips. Did you check out the shop?