Friday, December 27, 2013

Aromaleigh Ignis Antiquita Permanent Collection Release (swatches)

I'm so excited to be sharing this!!!

Aromaleigh has come out with an all new, permanent collection of eyeshadows.  Most of their collections have around 20 shadows a piece.  This collection contains a MONSTER 40 of them!!  Each shadow is named for a woman in history.  These women are not all so well known, but each is interesting and strong in her own right.  Half of the fun of this was reading about each woman the shadows was named for!

These are all multichromes.  What this means is that they have multiple layers to them....complexities of color the likes of which I am honestly blown away by.  Kristen has outdone herself with this collection, and this has fast become a favorite collection for me.  The full sized jars aren't available till January 1st but you can purchase a sample set here.

So what do you say we get on with the swatchfest???

First of all, these shadows can be deceiving!  Picture one shows them in indirect light in my bedroom.  They look almost matte in this!

However, get these babies in sunlight and THIS HAPPENS....

Those are the exact same shadows!!!  Same order.  Here they are in different lighting.

Do you see what I mean?  They're so complex, I'm stunned each time I look at them.  There are so many options with these!

Btw, these five shadows are as follows:  Top Left is Hildegard, Top Right is Clotilda, Middle is Chiomara, Bottom Left is Ursula, and Bottom Right is Adelaide.

Here's the next grouping.

And here also.

These are:  Top Left is Aradia, Top Right is Blenda, Middle is Khotulun, Bottom Left is Penthesilea, and Bottom Right is Hervor.

Here is Hervor by herself.  OMG!!!!

Here's the next group!

Top Left is Tomoe, Top Right is Telesilla, Middle is Skuld, Bottom Left is Hypatia, and Bottom Right is Trotula.

Next up we have on the Top Left Gwenllian (HOLY SMOKES), Top Right is Aethelflaed, Middle is Razia, Bottom Left is Boudicca (whom btw has always been a favorite figure in history for me), and Bottom Right is Honoria.

In this group we have Lozen on the Top Left, Yael on the Top Right, Agrippina in the Middle, Arachidamia on the Bottom Left and Agnodice on the Bottom Right.

Do you watch The Vikings on The History Channel??  Ragnar Lothbrok's wife is the first shadow on this group, at the Top Left.  Her name is Lagertha.  Then next to her we have Phryne, in the Middle is Tamar, on the Bottom Left is Melisende, and Bottom Right is Zenobia.

Two Groups left!!!  Top Left is Sappho, then comes Theodora, Middle is Enheduanna, Bottom Left is Tomyris, and Bottom Right is Eleanor.  You know, Eleanor of Aquitaine?

Last group!  Top Left is Lucrezia.  Lucrezia Borgia.  She is soooo interesting, even before the Borgias tv show.  Next to her is Freydis, in the Middle is Hapshepsut (the Egyptian Pharoa).  On the Bottom Left is Urraca, and next to her is Aspasia.

Bonus pic... this is Aspasia, the very last shadow, over a black base.  This is why I love minerals, especially multiple layered, complex multichromes like these.

There you have it!!!  These are all in the permanent line, so they aren't going ANYWHERE!!!!  Let me know which ones are your favorites!!!!  So far mine are Hervor, Chlotilda, Gwenllian, Penthesilea, Chiomara, Hildegard, Adelaide, Ursula....there are so many!!!!

Happy Playing!


  1. I love them- that brilliant golden orange up a few pics from the bottom is beautiful. I haven't bought much Aromaleigh since the v1-v2 switch, but I think I should get back into it.

  2. Are you talking about the middle color, Tamar? It's more gold than orange really but still lovely!!!! You should get back into AL....there are some lovely collections right now, both in the permanent lines and the LE ones! :D