Saturday, January 2, 2010

My top 10 things to try in 2010

Since I haven't been blogging long, rather than doing my top list of things I found in '09 I thought I'd do a list of things I'm planning on trying this year instead.  :D  So here comes the list fun....

10.  Clarisonic:  I haven't decided which one to get yet, but I've seen so many good reviews that I definately plan on this one.  I need some skincare skin is SO SENSITIVE that it's hard for me to find good products to use that work but don't make me burn or itch. 

9.  MAC cosmetics:  Yep, I've NEVER tried MAC.  Mostly because up till now I've not been near a store that carried it and when I order online I would rather order things that I can't get at a store.  I have some random things on a list that I want to try of theirs:  Mostly lip glosses though.

8.  Fyrinnae eye shadows:  I've got an order of their lippies and the pixie epoxy on the way to me; actually they should arrive today WOO HOO.....but I definately have the shadows on the list too.  I've got a wish list going that is a mile long......

7.  Morgana Minerals:  I've wanted to purchase some things from her for some time, and haven't gotten around to it.  The lipsticks look divine.....

6.  Flexi-8 Barrettes:  I've got a few small barrettes that I use to pull my sides or my bangs back with but no flexi-8's.  When I had long hair I collected hair forks....but since my hair is too short to pull up with just a fork anymore most of the time I can't wear them.  There are so many styles of these!

5.  Ficarre mini maxima clips:  Same reason as the flexi-8's.  Again, when I had long hair, I got a few ficarre clips and liked them a lot.  Love to try the minis!

4.  Brush Guards:  Because I travel fairly often for my job, these are on the list to try this year.  I'm always afraid my brushes are going to get bent out of shape when I do travel....

3.  False lashes and a heated lash curler:  Ok, as much as I do with my makeup, I've never used false lashes.  OK, once, maybe about 15 years ago and it was a disaster; hence, not using them now.  But I want to get some and try it again....especially with my little goofy lashes that stick out straight unless they're curled. 
Hence, the heated lash curler.

2.  Meow meow and more meow:  I haven't gotten to try some of everything Tammy makes, and have an ongoing, ever changing list.  LOVE her products.....

1.  Aromaleigh:  OK, this one isn't brand new either; my first foray into the world of mineral makeup was with Aromaleigh.  But it's been like years since I've purchased, and I have a boatload of stuff I want to try now. 

So there ya have'll be interesting at the end of THIS year how many I actually got around to trying!


  1. I love my Clarisonic. I've had it for... about 2.5 years now, and I still use it every day.

    Love my MAC as well. Some of the stuff is over prized, but a lot of it is nice as well.

  2. Hi Pixie! I'm glad you like the clarisonic! I can't wait to be able to get it. ITA about the MAC....