Sunday, January 3, 2010

My first Fyrinnae haul came!

My Fyrinnae order came....I'm so excited!  Here's what I got....

L to R:

Pixie Epoxy, Glitter kittiez lip lustre, Lolli-pop Pop liplustre, and Shangri-la lip lustre


Freebie eyeshadow samples of koala and nijiro

Now HOW did they know I had nijiro on my list to sample????

Open Koala and Nijiro free samples

And swatches of the shadows:

The top swatch is the koala and the bottom nijiro.  Both are patted on dry.  The first of each is just on my bare skin, the second is on top of the pixie epoxy. 

And Swatches of the lip lustres:

Same order as above; L to R Glitter Kittiez, Lolli-pop Pop and Shangri-la.

I haven't tried any of the products on my face or lips yet.  The feel of them on my skin is nice though; the lip lustres aren't sticky feeling, and the powders feel soft.  I'm planning on doing a light look later on and posting it if I get a chance.  Koala won't be an every day shadow for me though it'd make a great addition to a neutral look.  I definately plan on more orders!!!


  1. Oh yay! I'm still awaiting my first Fyrinnae haul. So excited :D

  2. Hi Pixie! I was just as excited to get this one.....what are you getting?

  3. Hi,don't you just love the Pixie Epoxy? I have used it about three times now,and it really does hold the sparkleys on! I wonder how long my tube will last? I've gotta stock up on that stuff. It's the bomb!

  4. Hi Starlight! LOL I was thinking the same thing....wondering how long it would last.....I can't wait to use it this morning for work!!! :D