Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday was Mail Day! :D

I got my newest Aromaleigh order today!  I love the UPS man!  I got a bunch of the Rocks!  Eyeshadows since they're on clearance and boy am I glad I did!  I loved them so much I promptly placed another order, this next one is all Rocks with the exception of one lippie. to the haul!

Aww, look at my Christmas in February package!  The little baggie has my full size set of the Twilight kids now want to steal them.  If they go missing I know where they are.

All unpacked but not out of the bags yet.

Freebies!  Tender lippie, which went directly to my kids since I already have a f/s.  Then Lady Liberty, Mirelle, and Colette. 

Swatches:  Top Left Colette, Top Right Mirelle, and bottom Lady Liberty.  All are over Benefit FYEye.

Lip balms in Yuzu, Just the balm ma'am, and my new Perfect line taklon brush.  :D  Can't wait to try it!

Twilight Powders:  L to R:  Lustre, Sparkle and Dazzle. 

Pink cream concealer.  The spot is where I dipped my finger in it to play.  LOL....

Lipsticks:  L to R:  Pout, Sassy, karma and Nuance. 

Swatches:  Top left Pout, Top Right Sassy, Bottom left Karma, bottom Right Nuance.

Lustres:  L to R:  Isabella, Lola, Isadora, Penelope, Celeste, Nanette

Swatches of the first three:  Top left Isabella, Top right Lola, Bottom Isadora.

The last 3:  Top Left Penelope, Top Right Celeste, Bottom Nanette.

L'Orchidee Shadows:  L to R:  Moonset, Seed Pearl, Shadow Witch, Dragon, and Unicorn.

Swatches:  Top Left Moonset, Top Right Seed Pearl, Middle Shadow Witch, Bottom Left Dragon, Bottom Right Unicorn.  Unicorn looks much more yellow in the jar than when it's on!
Rocks:  Top Right Black celebration, Top  Left Ladystardust, middle moonage daydream, bottom left shadowplay, bottom right whitewedding.

Swatches are in the exact same order.

Top Left Spaceoddity, Top Right Pleasuredone, middle Dominion, Bottom left Psycho-candy, bottom right destinationunknown.

Swatches are in the exact same order.

Last 4!!  L to R:  Boilingpoint, Ozone, Adrenochrome, and Purplerain.

Top Left Boilingpoint, Top Right Ozone, Bottom left Adrenochrome, Bottom right purplerain.

WHEW!!! That's it for now.  I do have that other Rocks! order coming, plus a fyrinnae order and a Morgana order.  :D  It usually takes Fyrinnae and Morgana longer to send stuff to me but that's ok....good stuff comes to those who wait and all that.....

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