Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Monday's mail call!!!

Got my newest Aromaleigh order today!  I love my UPS man....he's so cool!  It came very early while I was at work an hour away from home and all day long I longed to go home and play!  LOL....off to the haul! 

Starting off, a lippie....it's Gala.

Swatch of the same.

Free eyeshadows:  Top left is Chantal, top right is Bette, and bottom is Hoity Toity.  I also got a free lip sample of Cakewalk....which I'd been dying to try!  :D  The pic of the little baggies didn't turn out.  GRR....
All of the rest are Rocks! eyeshadows.  :D  As usual, all the eyeshadow swatches are over Benefit FYEye.

Top Left White Riot, top right Blackdiamond, Middle Teenagekicks, bottom left Vampira and bottom right Dirtydeeds.

Same order.

Top left Helterskelter, top right bodyelectric, middle strychnine, bottom left Avalon, bottom right blackangel.
same order.
Top Left Lookinforakiss, top right backinblack, middle blackplanet, bottom left hitormiss, bottom right bluespark.
Same order.

My birthday is later this month....I've asked to place an order for my pressie.  :D  So I'm planning some more rocks!  Shadows for it.  Have you gotten anything good from AL recently?

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