Friday, March 5, 2010

Thursdays look, or what-happens-when-I-oversleep

I totally overslept and had to do another muted look LOL.  It turned out ok I think, but wasn't near my favorite look by any means.

MAC Untitled over entire eye area
Aromaleigh Lola on lid
Aromaleigh Fawn on browbone
Aromaleigh Nanette in crease
Urban Decay 24/7 liner top, bottom, waterline
Aromaleigh Nanette dry over inner 1/2 of liners
Aromaleigh Blackdiamond dry over outer 1/2 of liners
Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black

Aromaleigh Silk Powder
Aromaleigh 2YL Glissade Foundation
Aromaleigh Metamorphosis Powder
Aromaleigh Verita blush
Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution Finishing powder in Clear

Jordana liner in Rose Blush
Aromaleigh Gala Lipstick

One thing I realized when I went to use it is that Blackdiamond is a dupe for a former company's color I used to have that I loved and used constantly.  So that was cool.  I was, however, not fond of the Fawn on the browbone.  Too pink or something.  Oh well.

On a side note, CVS was having a BOGO sale on Revlon stuff, so I picked up some of the Matte lippies I've been wanting to try.  I got the nude (forget the name), Pink Pout, and Mauve it over. I got Mauve it over for free with a mascara I bought, the new 3D one.  I had planned on one or two other matte lippies but they didn't have any of the other colors.  I'm going to check a few other CVS's today or tomorrow.

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