Saturday, April 10, 2010

MAC lippies comparisons.....

I'm not feeling the best today, and waiting still for the mail to bring my Meow, so I thought I'd do a quick comparison of my MAC lipsticks and Lipglasses.  OMG I must be the MAC nude queen!!!

Here are the lipsticks....

  You can clearly see the names, but I'll give you the descriptions from the MAC site.  All are copyrighted by MAC.
1.  Myth....Pale muted peachy beige satin
2.  Creme D'Nude....Pale muted peach beige cremesheen
3.  Fleshpot.....this I got from a MAC pro shop, and the Pro site doesn't have a description listed, though they say it's purchased with C thru, which is a peachy beige with shimmer tinted lipglass. It's a lustre.
4.  Hue....Soft pale pink glaze (glaze formula/texture is not my fave, it's too sheer)
5.  Honeylove....Light beige toned with rose matte
6.  Blankety.....Soft Pink Beige amplified cream
7.  Viva Glam II....muted pink beige with shimmer satin
8.  Viva Glam V....Neutral pink with perle lustre

And of course the pink ones I have...
Gaga....also a Viva Glam color, it's a light blue pink lustre
Bloomin' Lovely from the Liberty of London's a creamy greyed lilac mauve amplified cream. 

And now the glosses.....

  And descriptions....
1.  Suggarrimmed dazzleglass (sparkly!).....milky pale pink with multiperle
2.  Oyster Girl Tinted Lipglass....freshwater pink
3.  Spirited Tinted Lipglass......Pink Champagned Taupe Frost
4.  Boy Bait Cremesheen......light neutral beige with pearl
5.  Viva Glam VI Tinted Lipglass....warm plum with pearl frost

I've read that some feel that the texture of MAC's glosses is too my experience most are not, with only a few exceptions.  Suggarrimmed can feel a little bit sticky to me occasionally but not enough to make me not use it.  What I wish is that the dazzleglass applicators were the doefoot kind instead of the brush ones.  But I love it anyway. 

I can honestly say I've not met a MAC lippie I haven't liked.  I may not like each of the textures of lipsticks (glaze in particular) but I've loved each of the colors.  The cremesheen lipstick is similar, but a bit more pigmented overall than the glaze.  My favorite texture is the Amplified Cream, Matte, Satin and Lustre.  My absolute fave is the Amplified Cream.  As for glosses, love the shimmer in the dazzleglasses, the tinted lipglasses are good, but my favorite is the cremesheens.

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