Saturday, April 24, 2010

Once again, a bit of MAC.....

I was so in a shopping mood today so I went back to MAC and Sephora at the mall.  Here's what I got....

      L to R:  MAC Green Gel Cleanser, MAC Microfine Refinisher, MAC Oil Control Lotion, and my only Sephora purchase, Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation.

My Clinique was starting to cause some itching and burning.  I know what it was....the salicylic acid in the clarifying lotion.  I had gotten samples of the MAC skincare and loved it so I bought the full sizes.  It shouldn't cause me salicylic acid in it.  Just some algae and seaweeds, which I am allergic to some of, but the ones in the MAC have never bothered me.  Their algae ingredients are also in my foundation and primer.  The lip salvation is an exfoliating lip has tiny granules in it that you feel when you press and rub your lips together. 

      Far left is my new mascara, MAC's Zoom Fast Black Lash.  L to R top row are my new shadows:  Cut to Fit from the Pret-A-Papier collection, Prepped for Glamour from the Prep for Colour collection, Vex (YAY I FINALLY HAVE VEX) and Patina.  I wanted some more warmer colors than I'm used to.  I've decided to branch out some, and I wanted to find some warmer tones to do a warmer version of a brownish smokey eye.  The lipsticks at the bottom are Frou and High Tea.

Later on I'll do an all MAC warm smokey look.


  1. So jealous....How are you liking the skincare?

  2. So far it's doing wonderfully! No issues with it at all.