Saturday, May 1, 2010

I'm back....with an Aromaleigh Haul! :D

Ew.  This week was awful.  I felt like CRAP from the antibiotic pretty much all week, and while I took pics a few days I didn't feel like posting them.  I have two looks to post in a few.  That's it.  I do have a new haul from Aromaleigh for you now though! 

   L to R:  Infidel Elemental Lustre, Flutura's Cloud Les Papillons, Butterfly Kisses Les Papillons, Jewel L'Orchidee, and Dulcinea En Pointe.

           Top Left Infidel, Top Right Flutura's Cloud, Middle Butterfly Kisses, Bottom Left Jewel, Bottom Right Dulcinea.

                                                    I am more thrilled than you can imagine to finally have this blush.  It's Verve.....AL's version of that "O" blush we all know from a particular company.  I was afraid it may be too warm for me but it's not.  It's BEAUTIFUL.

    See?  Not too warm at all. 

      Next is more shadows. 
L to R:  Clara En Pointe, Late For Work Hot in the City, Girls Night Out Hot in the City, and Le Mystere 104.  It's a teal.

   Top Left Clara, Top Right Late For Work, Bottom Left Girls Night Out, Bottom Right Le Mystere.

   These are the three free samples I chose.  I love how now you can add your free samples right to your cart!  L to R:  Heron Carolina, Dolphin Carolina, and Big Tickle Hi Fi.  All are mattes. 

     Top Left is Heron, Top Right is Dolphin, bottom is Big Tickle.

     I also got some tools.  :D  First is my new flocked sponge.  It's different from my other flocked sponges (I now have three) but it's good.  It's light and fluffy and blends well.  Then my three new brushes:  a large all over eye brush, a small all over eye brush, and a smudger brush.  All are taklon.   I like to use the large all over for my browbone, the small all over for my lid, and the smudger is AWESOME....

Well, that's it for now.  I'm off to post a few looks!


  1. Nothing better than some beautiful eyeshadows to get better after being poorly :)

  2. Absolutely! I can't wait to delve into them some!

  3. ugh, I'm on antibiotics too and when I finish them all up... I get to have a root canal :)

    Pretty goodies, verve is one of my favorite blushes... I did some hauling at the CCO today yeeeeee

  4. EWWWW Nina, root canal! Hope you feel better soon.

    So what'd you get at the CCO? :D

  5. he he heeeee, I got lots o' mac goodies and a estee lauder eye shadow. I will post some haul pics soon :)