Sunday, July 25, 2010

An anniversary order....

As part of my upcoming 15th wedding anniversary on the 12th of August, I am getting some new Meow stuff!  :D

I have the following on the way:


Pamperred Puss foundation in Sleek Abyssinian
Pamperred Puss foundation in Frisky Abyssinian (both of these are to sample because my best color of all is AL 2YL and these are yellow/beige too)
Caribbean eyeshadow in seafoam and surf
Caribbean liners in pirates and seasick
VIP blushes in primadonna and wench


Simple pleasures rainy day and cuddles
Guilty pleasures in retail therapy, midnight feast, one night stand, reality tv and sick days

It's been quite awhile since I've gotten a true haul, other than little bits and pieces here and there, and my two small upcoming AL orders from the adieu 35 coupon for the closing.  I'm looking forward to some new colors, including the two new LE collections guilty pleasures and simple pleasures!  I'll probably placing another order fairly soon, especially if the abyssinian foundation works for me.  My AL Glissade foundation still makes me itch in the summer even with a good primer, but the Meow does not.  So I'll save the glissade for the winter time.  I always have my MAC NC20 Studio Fix too.  But it STINKS.......literally.  LOL...


  1. Congrats on your upcoming 15 years! How exciting! And yay for a Meow haul! I just placed one myself a little bit ago. Had to order a few f/s from the Lost Rainforest collection and samples from the new Pleasures lines!

  2. Glissade would only make me itch if I was sweating profusely (and so would Purrfect Puss), but Pampered Puss doesn't make me itch when I'm sweating.

    Glad you're trying some of the new colors :)

  3. Hi Peach, thank you! I haven't gotten to try the Rainforest or Caribbean lines yet either but the colors of the new Pleasures lines called my name first...LOL...Hope you enjoy yours!

    Hi Phyrra, Thanks! I can't wait to get them! Glissade doesn't make me itch all the time anymore, just like you said, when I sweat profusely. I just hate that feeling so I save it for days when I know I won't be.

  4. Congratulations! That's awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing the Meow haul. :)

  5. Hi Kathy! It won't be long, I got an email that it already shipped!!! :D