Saturday, August 21, 2010

Recent Meow Haulage....Friday the 13th!!!

FINALLY!!! I finally got some of the Friday the 13th colors!  My big birthday sale haul came in the mail yesterday!  So off to the haul pics and swatches!

Friday the 13th!!!!  L to R:  Skeptic, Paranormal, Spell, Fate, Misfortune and Broken Mirror.  These are VERY complex shades that are VERY difficult to capture correctly on my camera!

Same.  Top row:  Left, Skeptic, middle, paranormal, right, spell.  Bottom row:  left, fate, middle, misfortune, right, broken mirror.

Caribbean shadows.  L to R:  Barbados, Cat Island, Dolphin, Passion Fruit, Bermuda Triangle, Stingray.

Same.  Top row:  Left, barbados, middle, cat island, right, dolphin.  Bottom row:  left, passion fruit, middle, bermuda triangle, right, stingray.  Some of my favorite purples are gray based purples, and stingray definitely fits that bill! 

Rainforest collection:  I got full sizes of previously swatched colors in Mantis and Mayantu as well as the 10 g. Heliconia blush.  These are the only two I haven't swatched yet; Left is Monsoon and Right is Lost.

Same.  Left is Monsoon, right is Lost.

Guilty Pleasures.  L to R:  Illegal in 50 states, Soft Porn, and E-Shopping. 

Same.  Top Left is Illegal in 50 States, Top Right is Soft Porn, Bottom is E-shopping. 

Simple Pleasures.  The only color not in the picture is Cuddles, mostly because I ordered another full size totally forgetting I already had it!  LOL.....L to R:  Thunderstorm, Making Love, Morning Latte, Funky Dance, and Bubble Bath.

Same.  Top L:  thunderstorm, top R: Making love, Middle, Morning Latte, Bottom L: Funky Dance, Bottom R:  Bubble Bath. 

I also got two samples of foundations:  Pampered Puss and Fabulous Feline, both in Naughty Abyssinian.  I've been swimming and spending time in the sun and I think I need to go a little darker.  At first looking in the bags I thought they'd be too dark, but believe it or not they AREN'T.  I'm anywhere between Frisky and Naughty and some mix of the two.  I'm sure this winter I'll be back to closer to Sleek and Frisky instead.  I think I'm going to get a munchkin in the Pampered Puss formula of it though to tweak with.

Freebies!!! L is Devil Dog, and R is Abracatdabra. 

Same.  L is Devil Dog, R is Abracatdabra.

I was joking with my dh last night about how I have mostly LE's in Meow shadows, and the freebie samples are almost always the regular lines!  I have a list going of things I want to get but Tammy keeps coming out with GORGEOUS LE's that I HAVE to have.  It's all good....I'm sure I'll get around to them eventually.


  1. Now thats a haul! How fun! I can't wait until October so I can order f/s Friday the 13th colors!

  2. Thanks! I can't wait to get my hands into them to play! I can't wait for October either, for the Halloween LE's!