Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Dark Beauty of Winter

Layla means, like I mentioned in my last post, "dark beauty" or "born in the night".  Her middle name is Winter.  Layla Winter.  Like Jack Frost.  HAHAHA

So she's the Dark Beauty of Winter. 

Here she is.....we will be getting vet checked either tomorrow or Monday.

OK, so she's not that dark.  But she is a beauty!  She's not at all LIGHT either.  The name fits her.  What do you think?


  1. She's lovely. And bless you for adopting from a shelter! I'm assuming that she's been spayed already too. Love the name.

  2. Aw she's a beauty, she looks like she's settled in already !
    There's always something so relaxing about looking at cats :)

  3. HI Peach, thank you! :D I'm biased I think.

    Hi Lucy, thank you too! Yep, she's been spayed. She'll be vet checked by our vet in the next few days. Even though their vet checked her out too, they always want them rechecked to be sure since illnesses have incubation periods.

    Hello Martian Delights, thank you! Yep, she
    is starting to settle in, but the pics were taken when Jack was nowhere to be seen. They're doing a lot of posturing but haven't batted at each other at all. In a few days they'll be done with it and it'll be ok.

  4. Thanks Kathy! She's such a sweetie pie....