Saturday, September 4, 2010

Swanky Shadowplay....

I was checking up on Aromaleigh's final counts of colors, and spotted Swank in the Elemental I had to use it in Thursday's look.  I also wore my Swank BPAL fragrance!

Indelible cream shadow in bare necessity all over eye area
AL Swank on lid
AL Seed Pearl on browbone
Emani brown brow powder
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero at lower lashline and waterline
MAC Pentultimate liner on upper lashline
AL Shadowplay in crease and dry over lower liner
Benefit Bad Gal Mascara in Blue

Fyrinnae Velvet Gel Silica Primer
Meow Pampered Puss Foundation in Frisky Abyssinian
Meow Top Cat Powder
AL Verve Blush

MAC Prep + Prime Lip
Morgana vegan lipstick in Watermelon
MAC Lustreglass in Lustrewhite

A few things going on:  Watermelon is fast becoming a favorite lip color for me.  Though it is a bit on the dry side so I have to be sure to apply balm or the Prep + Prime lip first, and usually a gloss after. 

My skincare has also been changed around again.  I'm giving my clinique another try, but only using the clarifying lotion at night.  I REALLY want to try Murad's new resurgance.....everything I've been going through with my skin from the bumps, pores, fine lines, discoloration, etc, is listed as getting better with its use.  With my sensitive skin I have to stay away from harsh ingredients but I think I may try it when money gets better and I can get a small set.


  1. That lip colour looks beautiful on you, really nice look.

  2. It was a swanky kind of a day for you! To tell you the truth, I have no clue what BPAL fragrances are. When I get done reading blogs I'm going to google it!

  3. It was Peach! BPAL stands for Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Go to but plan on spending awhile on the site...they have HUNDREDS of perfume oils. There's a search feature if you want to find a particular fragrance or a particular can search for pomegranate, etc, and find what you want. The links then take you to their message board to read reviews of them.

  4. I checked out the site last night. You are right, they have hundreds of oils! I'm probably going to have to make a few selections and go from there. I see they have imps for sale too. Thats probably where I'll start!

  5. OHHH I could get LOST in that website! I started out with a few selections, and invested in one or two bottles sight unseen and some imps. Now I have a total of 11 full sized bottles....I'm also branching out a bit though. I'm looking into a few other fragrance companies to compare them to.