Sunday, May 22, 2011

A quick look from yesterday and a foundation comparison on my skin

So yesterday was my oldest DD's birthday party (she turned 14 on Monday) and I decided to compare my two at the moment favorite mineral foundations on my skin for coverage, finish, oil control, and feel.  So here's what I did:

Please excuse the closed eye pic, I took a bunch and it's the best one even though it's blurry.


Smashbox photo finish eye primer
Indelible cream shadow in curacao on lid
Indelible cream shadow in Bare Necessity on browbone
AL Sylph on browbone
AL Celeste on lid
Mad minerals in drama queen on browbone
Smashbox liquid liner in black


Smashbox photo finish light primer
BM Mineral Veil
Foundations:  On the left is Meow Pamperred mix of Naughty/Frisky Abyssinian and on the Right is BE Matte in Golden Fair/Medium. 
BM Mineral Veil

Face Cont.:
Unknown Mineral powder (the label fell off LOL) in Passion on cheeks and mixed with Burts Bees Gloss on lips.  I know it's safe for this; I used to wear it that way all the time.  I'm fairly certain it's a Barefaced Minerals powder, but I'm not for sure.  HAHAHA

OK so in comparison:  I like the coverage of the Bare Minerals a little better, as well as for oil control.  However, it feels drier on my skin and it doesn't blur my pores like the Meow does.  They're pretty much the same color; I couldn't tell a difference in color on my face!

Oh, and so you can see, I pulled my hair back into a hair piece and held it in place with an acrylic hair fork.

You can see the fork peeking out the top right.  It matches pretty well.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OLDEST FROM MONDAY TOO!!!!!  UGH....2 years till driving! 


  1. Happy birthday to your daughter! Wow, 14!! Love the look you did. Very pretty blues! And the hair piece is awesome! Interesting comparison between Meow and Bare Minerals!

  2. Yep, 14! She says Thanks, Peach! She's a makeup lover too. :D I love my hairpieces....they let me feel like I have long hair while I'm growing it out!

  3. Sweet..I couldn't really tell the difference between the two foundation colors either..Very great match...Great idea you had with your hair..

  4. Hi Krista, thanks! That's something I do on a regular basis....