Monday, July 25, 2011

Makeup Looks Theme of the Week.....Christmas in July!!! Sugar Plum Fairy

So all the Christmas in July sales have inspired me....I'm going to start setting a weekly theme for my looks each week, and the first one is Christmas in July!

I  managed to get in on two Christmas in July events.  First off I got six of the Limited Edition Christmas shadows from Meow Cosmetics that I wanted to get this past Holiday Season but was unable to.  Then I placed my first order at Spectrum Cosmetics!  I just happened on the site when searching Etsy, and she was having a Christmas in July sale that I took advantage of.  I got a set of 10 3 g eyeshadow jars (your choice!) as well as 4 seperate jars for other shadows in the same size.  She also carries 5 g jars.  She has some GREAT irridescent shadows that I can't wait to try and to review....the pictures of them over a deep black base are GORGEOUS!

On to my first look this honor of these shadows that I purchased from Meow, the first look is a sugar plum fairy look.  :D


TFSI all over eye area
ELF cream eyeliner in ivory on browbone
Indelible gel liner in marcasite on lid
Shiseido hydra cream shadow in Violet Visions over Marcasite
SN Blue Butterfly on inner 1/3 of lid and inner corner
AL Almost Midnight on middle 1/3 of lid
AL Phaedra on outer 1/3 of lid
SN Mystic on lower 1/2 of crease
AL Dulcinea on upper 1/2 of crease
AL Butterfly kiss on browbone
ELF Cream liner in Punk Purple to line
AL Frankincense in crease and dry over lower liner
Maybelline Great Lash Big in Blackest Black




SN Blur powder
SN Medium Ivory Custom Foundation in my mix
SN Blur
SN Lady blush


Morgana Cryptoria Sugar Plum Rum
Morgana Cryptoria Lillian

Here's another pic of the whole thing, with a different lip.


SN Mirage
SN Icing Gloss

I like that lip, but there's something about the deep purple lip that goes with the Sugar Plum Fairy theme.

I also colored my hair's the top.  It's more ashy blonde now, though pics still bring out the warmth.

I was considering changing it again, but I am still LOVING the it's staying for now!  :D


  1. Love the theme! Your sugar plum look is beautiful! I love it with the dark Morgana lippie!

  2. Thanks Peach! It's been fun!!! This is my fave look of this week so far! Part of that is the dark Morgana lippie too....I can't wait to get the 1920s Flapper Collection to try!