Monday, July 25, 2011

Re-Organized Collection

So after my huge hauls recently I needed to reorganize.  I ended up just reorganizing in what I already have, though I'll have to add to it eventually.  Here's some pics!

Nobody puts makeup in the corner.  Well...I guess I do.  LOL I have a fairly small bedroom and an even smaller bathroom in it, so that's the best place for it.  I have a selection of sterlite drawers for just about everything.

This is my ELF Brush holder section.  The first one holds my brushes (They need to be cleaned LOL) and the one behind holds my pencil liners, primers, etc.  That's the one I managed to glue back together.  I grab the whole holder in the front daily to take into the bathroom with me all at once, and with the side panel on the other one giving me issues, it wouldn't have worked for that but it does just fine to hold my pencils since I don't move it.


The top set of drawers holds my lippies.  This is the top holds my ELF Lipsticks (mineral and essentials) as well as my Morgana Cryptoria Lipsticks.

This drawer, the next one down, holds my slimmer lip products like ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick pens and Hydrashine glosses, as well as my Silk Naturals lippies.

The next drawer holds my high end lip products:  NARS lipsticks and glosses, Shiseido Lipsticks and glosses, One lone Smashbox liner and my Too Faced lipsticks.

Next up:  ELF Studio Glosses:  Glossy Gloss, Glitter Gloss and Minty Lip Glosses.

Last of the Lip Drawers:  ELF Mineral Glosses and Essentials Super Glossy Lip Shines.  As well as my lone Burts Bees Raspberry Gloss, which has been discontinued.  I use it since it's clear when I mix pigments for lip color.

The next drawer down is sort of a catch all, round jarred mineral and non mineral mix.  I have my Meow Foundations (the jars are too big to turn on their sides) as well as my ELF mineral foundations and finishing powders, recently depotted ELF products and samples, and ELF Mineral Shadows and Cream Shadow Duos.

The next one holds my high end palettes and compacts.

On to the mostly cream product drawer!!!  ELF Cream shadows, ELF Cream liners, ELF Cream blush, ELF Conditioning Lip Balms.  A few loose pigment shadows that are non mineral from ELF, as well as my other cream products from Shiseido, the Indelible cream shadows and gel liners, and my Wet N Wild cream black liner.  Way in the back...ELF HD Powder and ELF SPF Sunscreen powder.

Drawer one of my mineral shadows.  I organize by color/tone rather than company.

Drawer two of my mineral shadows.

This drawer holds all my ELF palettes and compacts.

Last but not least:  Another odds and ends drawer.  You can see in there some sharpeners, combs, compacts, etc. etc.

I have one drawer left that is completely empty and waiting to be filled.  Hopefully it will be awhile before it DOES get filled.  LOL My DH thinks I'm crazy but he also knows that some makeup enthusiasts have larger collections than I do.  He doesn't complain though.

How do you organize your goodies???


  1. Love how you have things organized! Some day I'll have to get a post together about my storage. I love to see how other people have their collections organized. But I feel like I have such a tiny collection compared to others! Thanks for sharing your storage with us!

  2. Thanks Peach! I like looking at other peoples storage ideas too. I know my collection isn't small by any means but IKWYM!!!!