Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tuesday Elf Look....

LOL I'm seeing a pattern here.  This was my look on Tuesday.  First though....a preview of my haul posts....

Is that a HUGE bag filled with makeup or what???  LOL!

All products are ELF unless otherwise noted.

Mineral Shadow Primer
Cream eyeliner in ivory on browbone
Cream eyeliner in gunmetal on lid
purple shadows from 100 shadow pro palette and little black beauty book in cool applied damp with the makeup mist and set spray
cream shadow from little black beauty book on browbone
cream liner in punk purple to line upper and lower lashline
studio line shadow/liner stick in black to tightline
mineral infused mascara in black


HD powder as primer
Meow mix of Frisky and Naughty abyssinian Pampered Puss foundation
HD powder
Studio pressed powder in Porcelaine
Fuschia Fusion blush
Makeup mist and set when done with everything


Conditioning lip  balm spf 15 in Peaceful Pink
Studio Glossy Gloss in Pink Candy

I have to say that the HD powder not only makes a good finishing powder but a good primer!  I haven't had much in the way of oily breakthrough at all since trying it that way.  I'm thinking that for me, at least in summer, powder primers will be better.

Also the makeup mist and set, which is a setting spray similar to MAC Fix +, at least for my skin works far better than Fix + ever did for me!  It works not only as a foiling medium but also sets my makeup with no oily breakthrough for the majority of the day....and Fix + never did that for me.  Some reviews online have mentioned a medicinal smell to it, but I can't smell a thing and I have a sensitive sniffer.  And it doesn't bother my sensitive skin or eyes either!

My eyes didn't MOVE all day long until I removed the color!  And that was12 hours!  The mineral primer is AWESOME!

Well off to bed...another post in the AM and working on editing my haul pics for the weekend!  Have a super night!


  1. Beautiful purples! And yes, thats a huge bag of makeup! Can't wait to see what all you got!

  2. Thanks Peach, this was my fave look this week! Hoping to get it posted later on! :D