Sunday, August 7, 2011

Silk Naturals Haul....

This is my little Silk Naturals haul that came in the mail on Monday.  I am totally in love with their products!  I use their skincare as well as their mineral makeup.

First is the skincare I got in this order.  I got another hemp moisturizer (I was nearly out!!) and a Beta Hydroxy Acid toner.  The toner has been a LIFESAVER, helping me to make some strides with my pore size and blackheads and I'm starting to see my skin clear.  And it doesn't bother my sensitive skin either!

Next are the lippies!

L to R:  Damsel, Heirloom, and Centerfold.

Swatches:  Top Left is Damsel, Top Right is Heirloom, and bottom is Centerfold.  Damsel is VERY sheer....I'll probably be using it more over top of other lippies than alone but it's a very pretty color!

Next are the remaining things...all are shadows.  The first two I bought and the last two were freebies.
L to R:  Gasp, Jean Queen, Sizzle and Duct Tape.

Swatched over UDPP in Eden.
Top Row:  Left is Eden (over black cream shadow), Right is Jean Queen
Bottom:  Left is Sizzle and Right is Duct Tape.

There are some lovely colors on Silk Naturals, go check them out!


  1. Love all of those shadows! Very pretty! And Heirloom is such a pretty lippie!

  2. Hi Peach, thank you! Heirloom is a fave now!