Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday's look from last week...New stuff....

I've got pictures edited for the most part and am going to try to catch up in the AM on a few posts for you!  I still have a couple pics to edit of my stuff from Blix, then I'll post that as well.

This was last Tuesday's look.

UDPP in Eden
Indelible Cream Shadow in Bare Necessity
Silk Naturals Gasp on lid applied damp
Spectrum Tiny Bubbles on browbone
Silk Naturals Jean Queen in crease, outer lid, and later over liner
ELF Cream liner in black
ELF Volumizing/Lenthening mascara in black


Meow Equilibrium Powder
NARS Powder foundation in Fiji
Silk Naturals Blush in Lady


Silk Naturals Heirloom

I'm REALLY liking the combination of the Equilibrium powder and the NARS powder foundation.  It simplifies things but works to keep oilies at bay for me.  I think that for me, while cream/liquid primers are pretty good, powder primers work better, at least in the summer.

How about you?

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