Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A Comparison....ELF vs. MAC.....

Hey all, Happy 4th of July!!!!

So I've been wanting to do this comparison for some time now.  As large of an ELF fan as I am, I've seen several comparisons of the Studio Pressed Powders that have stated that they're very similar to MAC's Studio Fix Powder Foundation.  As I'm not going to be purchasing any MAC in the future due to their selling in China, I've been on the lookout for a good substitute for one of my favorite powder foundations.  I do love my minerals still, but there's nothing like grabbing a pressed powder and slapping it on my face very quickly if I'm running behind in my busy mornings.  So I compared my MAC NC25 Studio Fix to my ELF Studio Pressed Powder in Porcelaine.  MAC retails for $27 for 15 g or 0.52 ounces, and ELF is $3 for 0.317 oz or 9 g.  So it's a little smaller than the MAC but.....$24 cheaper!  I can buy two ELF for $6 and get more than MAC for $21 less.  :D

First of all, color wise, Porcelaine is pretty much DEAD ON NC25.  Porcelaine is the palest shade ELF carries, so if you're lighter than NC25 then it wouldn't be an option.  I can actually use either Porcelaine or Sand, which is one shade deeper, with no oxidation.  I prefer Porcelaine though.

As for coverage.....they're EXACT.  Not kidding.  Who knew a pressed powder meant to set your liquid foundation would give full coverage like that but it does.  If we're 100% honest, I actually PREFER the coverage I get from my ELF!  It made my pores look smaller and I didn't use any concealer.   The ELF is a little more powdery when applying, but I would expect that with a more inexpensive product.  It's NOT however, more powdery on the skin.

Today I did a test.  First of all I apologize for the quality of the pics.  My camera phone was acting up and it's the only camera I have atm.  On one side I applied my ELF Porcelaine, and on the other my MAC Studio Fix NC25.

This is an all ELF face, except for the MAC Studio Fix.  As I hope you can see, the color is exact as is the coverage, with the exception of my pores on the MAC side appearing larger.  I also feel that the MAC side, while not as powdery when applying, looked more powdery while worn.

Here's a closer pic.....I'm DEFINITELY going to have to invest in a good camera soon.

At the end of the day my feelings were the same.....I preferred the ELF side.  It wore better throughout the day with less sliding and wear down from my oily skin.  I don't feel that my fine lines were made worse either.

So there you have it.....ELF is a winner in my book!  Think I found a good replacement for the MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation!!!


  1. Yay! So awesome to find a much cheaper product that actually works better for you! I just still haven't quite got on the ELF bandwagon yet. I find their products hit and miss, but this powder looks like a definite hit! Loving your hair! :)

  2. Thanks Peach! Yeah there are certain products that haven't worked well for me too. I have pretty much figured out for the most part which ones will and which ones to avoid buying but even if I purchase something and it doesn't work I'm not upset as I have two makeup loving daughters that love ELF too. :D Thanks I decided I wanted to go back red, it's been 3 WHOLE YEARS!!!!