Saturday, January 9, 2010

First of the hauls have arrived...Aromaleigh!!!

Now HOW did I know this would be the first thing that I'd get?  Kristen's shipping time is ALWAYS superb, and I literally got this in three days.  I ordered it on the 5th it came on the 8th!  Thanks Kristen!

Anyway, here's what I ordered:

L to R:  Top Row:

Illuminator:  This is my FAVE glow powder of all time.  I was completely out too so I just got a f/s.
F/S shadows:  Sea of Love, Ephemeral Violet, Soul Takes Flight, and Air and Light.  Sea of Love is part of last year's LI valentines set.  All the other shadows are part of the Les Papillons LI set.  Both sets recently retired, so I decided to get some.
Next row:
F/S Shadow, these are also from Les Papillons:  Dormant Dream, Vigil of Change, Morphing Moon, indelible eyeliner sealant (my other bottle was almost empty)
Bottom:  Sweet Tart nourishing color creme, and Darling and Sweet botanical lipsticks

Better pic of the colors. 

You can pretty much see in the pics the names on the swatches.  The top row is all glissade foundations; the N's and the CL's both 1's and 2's, and then the next row has the 1 and 2 in the WL's.  The Nocturne Powder, silk powder.  Then the cherub finishing powder, light/med porcelaine, and all three twilight powders, which my oldest is oddly jealous of.  She'll be 13 in May. 

As a thank you to her patrons, Kristen lets you pic three shadow samples to try for free!  Plus there's an extra thrown in too....L to R:  Moth, Elegie, lush memoir (I had actually chosen Lolita I think?  But this is good too) and lipbalm in minty times two

Swatches on dry skin of the shadows, L to R:

Top two:  Vigil of Change, Ephemeral Violet
Middle row:  Soul Takes Flight, Sea of Love, Morphing Moon
Bottom:  Air and Light, Dormant Dream

Lippie swatches on bare skin:  Top, Sweet tart, and L to R on bottom:  Sweet and Darling

I plan on doing a before and after today for the Aromaleigh Aficionadas Forum (YIKES BARE FACE) with all aromaleigh.  I'm going to be out of town all next week, and will be taking just the AL with me.  I'll do an update post with reviews after I get back.


  1. Great haul! I really like Aromaleigh too and I'm planning to do another order from them!:)

  2. Great haul! Soul takes Flight is so pretty!

  3. Hi Sil! YAY I'm already loading more things in my cart for my next order too....

    Hi Phyrra! Thanks! I LOVE them......

    Hi Easy Peasy! I love soul takes flight too! I can't wait to try it as a crease color!