Friday, January 22, 2010

The UPS man came today!!!

I got my newest haul today, and it's a doozie!  I placed a large order at Aromaleigh and it came today!!!

On to the haulage....

I love how Miss K and Co.  package the orders.  They're all wrapped up in pretty paper like a gift!  Matter of fact, my 10 year old daughter who was helping me open my package, said "It's like presents."  Out of the mouths of babes!

First of all, yes, those jars have no sifters in them.  I always take the sifter out when I get them; I hate sifters with a passion.  Yes, I've dropped a color and lost some powder before, but the hastle of the possibility of losing part or all of them is ok with me.  I'd rather not have sifters, thank you.

L to R: 

Glissade Foundation in 2WL
Glissade Foundation in 2N
Silk primer powder
Nocturne nighttime powder


Rocks!  Sonic Lips Nourishing Lip Tint in FictionRomance
Rocks!  Sonic Lips Nourishing Lip Tint in Headoverheels
Rocks! Sonic Lips Nourishing Lip Tint in Blank Generation
Gothic Lolita Nourishing Color Cream For Lips in Shortcake
Botanical Lipstick in Rosebud
Botanical Lipstick in Tender camera was NOT loving me today when trying to take swatch pics.  It's so overcast and even though I used natural lighting as well it didn't turn out well.  L to R top row then middle then bottom are in the same order as the other pic. 

Same thing on the sifters....


L to R:  Top row:

En Pointe elegie, En Pointe serenade, En Pointe sylph, En pointe Myrtha, Elemental Lustre Swank

Middle Row:  L to R: 

Elemental Lustre Underworld, L'Orchidee Moth, Gothic Lolita Aqua Nightmare, Gothic Lolita Lush Memoir

Bottom Row:  L to R:

Gothic Lolita Plush Romantic, Opulent Lustre dragonfly, Opulent Lustre Butterfly, Opulent Lustre Lotus

None of my swatch pics turned out; I'll have to redo them when I come back from my business trip on Wednesday.  Hopefully the natural light will be ok.

FREEBIES ROCK!!!!  These are the freebies that I got.  I picked out the eyeshadows; the lipbalm is pink grapefruit parfait.  Then comes bluebell, lilypad, and sweet pea.  I wanted to try softer colors.  Again, my swatch pics didn't turn out.  GRRR......The rest are all samples I purchased.

L to R:  Top row:

Aromaleigh angel shadow in Calypso, Aromaleigh Angel Shadow in Phaedra, Aromaleigh Angel shadow in Loretha, Metamorphosis finishing powder, and parfait finishing powder.  Part of the Aromaleigh Angel Shadows cost goes to off and grab a bunch they're only for a limited time! 

L to R:  Bottom Row:

Pure Rouge in verita, Pure Blush in Rosewood, Glissade in 2L and Glissade in 2Y.  I got the 2L and 2Y samples to try on their own as well as mixed for 2YL. 

Last but not least, a full sample set of the Bete Noire Glitters!

L to R:  Top Row:  Aphrodite, carmilla, cleo, delilah, and eve

L to R:  Bottom Row:  Ishtar, Mata hari, Morgaine, Salome, and Scylla

This is the first time I've purchased a full set of a collection of samples....but I couldn't pass them by.

So once again, I got my AL on time to play while out of town.  I'll have to write down detail this time.  I even got some false lashes to take....that's one beauty thing I've never really tried; can't get the hang of it on my own but some coworkers are going to experiment with me. 

HOORAY FOR AL!!!!!!  LOTS of AL love.......


  1. Oh, those lippies...I think I need Rosebud :D Do you like blankgeneration?

  2. Hi Nea! Sorry I was out of town. I haven't had a chance to truly try blankgeneration but I think I will today.....I'm sure I'll love it....though you're right it's scary in the tube!