Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An AL spring solstice en pointe angel look

I HAD to try lupine today.  I LOVE gray/blue/purples such as Lush Memoir, also Aromaleigh, and this is another great one.  I LOVED how my eyes turned out today!  So here's what I did!


MAC untitled paint for base
Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on lid and at lower lashline applied with a brush in a very light layer
Indelible liner in marcasite on lid
Aromaleigh Lupine patted onto lid
Aromaleigh Sylph on browbone (this has become my favorite highlighter color)
Aromaleigh Angels Anastasia wetlined top and bottom and dry in crease
Aromaleigh Angels Laura patted dry over Anastasia liner and in outer vee
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in zero at waterline
Clinique high impact mascara in black


AL silk primer
AL 2YL glissade
AL clear ultra resolution powder
AL myrtle blush


NYX slim pencil lipliner in Mauve
AL Elemental Lustre lippie in Smitten

The Smitten from AL almost matched perfectly the Mauve liner I used from NYX.  I really liked this look!

Part of why I love my career is that we have the dress code we do.  While Black, White and Gray can get a little boring at times, it allows me to do whatever I want with my makeup (that looks professional anyway) and so I have lots of leeway there. 

OH!  I got some new boots yesterday.  I'm SO out of my comfort zone wearing them but I love them!!!  They reach up to my knees and the heels on them are higher than I'm used to wearing.

So what do you think about the boots?  And the look?  :D


  1. I think this is my favorite look on you so far. Love how the lid turned out.

  2. Hi Phyrra, thank you! I liked it a lot too! :D

  3. i have to say that I agree - one of my favorite looks. Cute boots too!

  4. Love the eye look, and I think I want the boots! (I wouldn't be able to walk in them though. I'm not good at heels at all.)

  5. Hi Easy peasy breezy me....thank you! I like the boots too!

    Jaimi, thank you as well! IKWYM about walking in them, it takes getting used to..