Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Morgana minerals haul!

I got my newest haul from Morgana today!  Let me start by saying her customer service is AWESOME!  :D

So I got some of the clearanced indelible cream shadows. 

L to R:  Curacau, Fathom, Green Tea, Intergalactic, and Plumkin.

Intergalactic is going to be an awesome base for powder shadows I can already tell!

I also got some lipsticks.  The ones in the black tubes are discontinued....the other is one of her Vegan ones.

L to R:  Cancun, Coraline's Kiss, Iso-Taupe, Kismet, and Twilight. 

I tried to get some swatch pics....NONE of them wanted to turn out for me.  I'll have to re-try soon. 


  1. Looks like some really great colors both in the eyes and lips...

  2. Hi Krista, thank you! :D I can't wait to try them! Didn't get a chance to todayl.....