Monday, February 1, 2010

Newest AL haul......

Oh how I LOVEEEEEEE  Aromaleigh........I got another huge-mongous haul from the UPS man today!!!  Doin' the little happy dance in my living room.....Oh, and I think I have enough foundation to last me maybe the next three years, what with my Meow F/S frisky sphynx (which I think I need to combine with sleek sphynx half and half for an even better match) and the 4 colors of AL I now have (that I've combined into 2 thank you....2YL and 2WLN). 

Oh, I bet you want to see the haul, right??  Here we go....

It's like a little gift-wrapped gift in the mail....the youngest DD kept the bows.

L to R: 

Bete Noir lippie in Sylvie, Elemental Lustre in Smitten, candy cane, minty times two balm, the smudge and line taklon brush, and 2 empty 30 g jars.

Swatches are in the same order as the first pic....Sylvie, then Smitten.  Candy cane is under them....but it blends with my skintone lol.....

L to R:

Metamorphosis powder, clear ultra resolution powder (which I have never tried but got it anyway LOL) and 2L and 2Y glissade full sizes, and a set of 5 little scoops.  Again, in all my pics I've removed the sifters as I hate them with a passion.

FREEBIES!!!! L to R:

Rocks lippie in headoverheels, rocks shadows in blackcelebration, moonagedaydream, and londondungeon.

Swatches are in the same order....L to R top row are blackcelebration and moonagedaydream, bottom is londondungeon.

The EYES have it....
L to R: 
Row 1:  Violet Ruffle, Purple Princess, Wonderland, Elegant Reverie
Row 2:  Forget-me-not, Phlox, Bellflower, Lupine
Row 3:  Calypso, Phaedra, Verdant Wisp, Morbid Curiosity
Row 4:  Greenbrier, Ondberry, Charcoal
Row 5:  Loretha, Anastasia, Laura

Row 1 Swatches:  Top L to R:  Violet Ruffle, Purple Princess.  Bottom L to R:  Wonderland, Elegant Reverie

Row 2 Swatches:  Top L to R:  Forget-me-not, Phlox, Bellflower, Lupine

Row 3 Swatches:  Calypso and Phaedra were swatched in this post that leaves Verdant Wisp and Morbid Curiosity.  :D

Last one! :D  Top L Greenbrier, Top R Ondberry, middle charcoal, Loretha previously swatched in the other post, Bottom L Anastasia, bottom R Laura.


I can't wait to play with them all....hmmm....I wonder how many colors I could get into one look??????