Monday, March 22, 2010

AL Birthday Haulage...aka LE forum sale.....

So I placed 2 seperate orders on the Aromaleigh Afficionadas forum this last week for my birthday for the LE's that Miss K was trying to get off her hands.  These are all colors that I would've bought during the time that I wasn't ordering I'm all caught up LOL....for the most part.  Off to the haulage!

Top Left; Gridlock; Top Right; Terpsichore; Middle; Candytuft; Bottom Left; Pink Fingers; Bottom Right; Mariposa.
All swatches are over UDPP in Eden and in the same order.

Top Left; Not so silent night; top right; almost midnight; middle; tangled tinsel; bottom left; visage; bottom right; virtue

Same order.

Top Left; Mulberry; Top Right; Frankincense; middle; free sample of le mystere 107, bottom left; sugar; bottom right; free full size le mystere 106.   The free le mysteres were in both of my orders (same ones) so I gave one set to my kidlets LOL...

Swatches in same order.
Next order....

Top Left; Flora; Top Right; Mistletoe; middle; gothic; bottom left; cookie party; bottom right; allspice.

Same order.

Top Left; Cassia; Top Right; Cupcake; Middle; Jellybean; Bottom Left; Lollipop, Bottom Right; Flirt a little.

Same order.
My pic of the jars of this group didn't turn out but the swatches did.

Top Left; Sweet Dreams; Top Right; Call Me; bottom left; Pirouette; bottom right; promenade.

I can seriously say I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what colors to start with tomorrow.  I love them all!  And just for fun, I'll finish with a pic of my eyeshadow tower.  These are the ones that I have yet to try.  Most of them are from these last orders. 

Off to try to cull down the choices for tomorrow!  :D