Friday, May 7, 2010

Stars N Rockets look.....

I LOVED how the stars and rockets turned out over the Zinc Zone as a base in this.  It looks the same over blackground as well.  Who knew a fuschia could do that?  :D

UDPP in Eden
MAC Zinc Zone Greasepaint stick on lid
MAC painterly on browbone
MAC Stars N Rockets on lid
MAC zinc zone to line including waterline
MAC Vapour on browbone
MAC Contrast in crease and dry over liner for a smokey effect
MAC Zoom fast black lash

MAC Prep + Prime
MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20 (this pic shows how well this matches my skin!)
MAC Moisturecover in NW20 under eyes
MAC Blot powder in Medium
MAC Buff Blush

MAC Boldly bare liner
MAC Viva Glam VI lipstick
MAC Sugar Overload Superglass

That lippie combo is exactly what the chick that I normally go to at my MAC counter was wearing yesterday.  I liked it on me as well as I did on her! 


  1. that lippie combo is hot, and I love the eyes!

  2. That's a fab look on you! You always nail the lippies perfectly, and I'm loving the purple look on the eyes.

  3. Hi Jayne, thank you! I love purples...

  4. Your whole look is so great here -- from the hair, to the FOTD, and most especially, the smile! Love your smile!!!

  5. Looks pretty! I've lusted over Star and Rockets for so long but ended up with NYX Luxor. LOL Looks fantastic.

  6. Hi Jo, thank you!!! :D

    Hi MZombie.....I LOVE Stars and rockets.....Thank you! I've not tried NYX Luxor yet, is it a dupe?

  7. According to everything I've read about it, Luxor is a close dupe for S&R's, yes. It's a terrific shade too. :)

  8. Cool, I'll have to check it out too sometime at Ulta! :D

  9. Love the look of stars n rockets on you....Awesome!!!

  10. Thanks Krista! I love the color! :D

  11. I really like the colours and that lippy combo is perfect on you!

  12. Hi Blix, thank you! I loved the way the lippie turned out!